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Our Mobile Units

Our Mobile Units

From our pocket-sized, reusable water purification straw, to our mobile water purification trailers that can purify water at rates up to 20 gallons per minute, World Solutions’ innovative products and systems deliver safe, good-tasting water from almost any water source.

Ideal for remote, hard-to-reach areas, World Solutions personal purifiers and mobile water purification systems quickly and easily transform contaminated or questionable water into reliable drinking water. Within minutes of arrival and set-up, our systems can produce clean water on demand. Our personal purifiers and all of our mobile purification systems require no power source and some of our mobile systems can be powered by solar energy.

Mobile Wagon

World Solutions Mobile Purification wagons are self-contained, light-weight, easy to move, water purification systems capable of producing a continuous supply of water at a rate of 3 GPM (11.3 L/min). Model WG-12m (generator or direct powered) and model WS-12M (solar powered with battery storage) are turn-key and simple to operate, with no assembly required. Both models can produce up to 4320 gallons per day (16352 L/day) of clean, safe, good tasting drinking water within minutes of arrival, from almost any surface water source, well, cistern, rain barrel or tank.

Mobile Trailer

World Solutions Mobile Purification trailers are self-contained and complete, water purification plants capable of producing a continuous supply of water at a rate of up to 14 GPM (53 L/min). Both units can be configured to produce up to 20,000 gallons per day (75,708 L/day) at a cost of only 1 cent per gallon. Turn-key and simple to operate, they produce clean, safe, great tasting water within minutes of arrival, from even the most difficult water sources. Each trailer can produce up to 700,000 gallons (2,649,788 L) of drinking water before refreshing the media. That's the equivalent of over 5 million, 0.5L bottles of water with a cost of more than $1.1 million dollars (not including freight), and without the associated carbon footprint.

Personal Purification Devices

The Pure Sip™, Personal Water Purifier is designed to be a light-weight, simple, convenient, highly reliable and reusable purification device that provides safe, "good tasting" drinking water from questionable sources for emergency conditions and disasters. Used like a drinking straw, Pure Sip™ is a complete micro-system that kills bacteria and viruses instantly on contact as well as removing cysts such as Giardia.