About Us

What We Do

Our Mission

Water One World Solutions is a 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to providing adaptive, highly effective, and sustainable safe drinking water solutions to those of greatest need in emerging nations and catastrophic emergencies.

We execute our mission through collaborative initiatives with individuals, organizations and communities that have expertise and/or resources committed to the same goal.

Our Global Vision

Our vision for the planet is Water Perfection™ — perfectly safe drinking water for everyone, anytime, anywhere, in any situation.


Addressing the Problem– Reversing the cycle

Bringing safe, clean drinking water close to people’s homes and to victims of disaster — in short, to anywhere it is needed around the world — is the key to reversing the endless cycle of misery that affects so many people. Making clean water accessible is the key to transforming communities and preventing large-scale catastrophes.

Through generous donations and collaboration with others, Water One World Solutions provides Pure Sip personal purifiers and mobile water purification systems that have been designed for both immediate use and ongoing service. Sustainable, simple to operate and very reliable, they require little maintenance. Yet they can provide a continuous supply of safe drinking water within minutes of arrival. Their versatile, self-sustaining design functions reliably and repeatedly in the most difficult water conditions in both remote and urban locations. These innovative and highly effective mobile purification systems can be moved among multiple sites to provide drinking water to several areas.